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4 signs you’re ready to move in with your partner

As you look ahead to the New Year, you might find yourself making plans for more than just the next twelve months…

The festive period is frequently a time when people in secure and happy romantic relationships decide to take the next step. Think about it…you’ve been with your partner for quite some time now, your job is going well and to be honest, you’ve never been happier. In our eyes that can only mean one thing – you’re ready to live together!

Moving in with your ‘significant other’ is an incredibly exciting (and, yes, vaguely daunting) prospect – but, when you know, you know. But just in case you don’t (!) we’re here to help!

These are 4 key signs that you’re ready to move in with your partner:

You’re ready to own a home with them

Becoming a homeowner is one of the biggest things you’ll ever do in your life. It’s the pinnacle of adulthood in some respects. By feeling comfortable enough to want to own a home with your partner, you’re showing that you have an incredibly strong relationship, and this is just the normal next step.

Those heights of adulthood are scary, but if you’re doing it with your partner at your side, you’ve really got nothing to worry about.

If you’re trying to work out where to buy a home with your partner, check out our blog on why people are moving from the city to the suburbs – it might give you some divine inspiration!

You want to start a family

If you’re at that stage in your life where you’re ready to start a family, then congratulations – you’re in for the best years of your life!

The thing with starting a family however, is that you need the space – regardless of whether your family consists of a baby or a puppy. Thankfully with Altair’s two-bedroom apartments, you’ll have more than enough room for you, your partner and your brand new family.

Oh, and if you’re taking baby steps and starting off your family with a little furry friend, you’ll be thrilled to know that Altair has a pet policy, so you never have to be apart from little Spot, Fluffy or Rex! Find out more about Altar’s pet policy right by contacting Altair’s agents, Gascoigne Halman.

You don’t feel a sense of unease or pressure

It just feels comfortable. It’s not like you’re asking someone out for the first time, or you’re trying to carry a conversation with a new online dating match – this is the person that you genuinely want to live with.

A 2015 study by found that 37 per cent of couples move in together after they’ve been in a relationship for six months to a year. You’ve spent a lot of time getting to know your partner, so this feeling of familiarity and ease is a strong indicator that you’re ready for them to be your roomie too!

You spend most of your time together – and you’re still head over heels!

This is what couples across the world aspire towards – pure bliss. You’re never worried that you’re spending too much time together or thinking ‘I could really do with some time alone now’ – you’re perfectly content spending most of your time with your partner.

And that time you do spend with them is filled with important milestones – the first time you’ve met their family, the first time you discussed your future together, the first time you’ve discussed one day starting a family. This isn’t a high school love affair, this is the real deal.

And that’s it!

Love is in the air – and with it might come a new home. If you see yourself in one – or all – of these signs, then we think it’s time you popped that all important question: “Will you live with me?”

If you’d like to enquire about moving to Altrincham with your significant other and creating memories to last a lifetime, give our team a call on 0161 929 1500 and find out more about Altrincham’s fantastic new living and lifestyle quarter.

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